Meet Alcott

Alcott offers dogs and their owners a complete line of gear and accessories to turn everyday walks into extraordinary adventures. Alcott products are designed to offer ease (and fun) of use for humans, comfort and safety for dogs and a lifetime of adventure for both.

our commitment

At Alcott, we’re committed to bringing adventure and fun into the lives of dogs and dog owners across the country. Whether on land or in water, around the block or across the country, there’s an unforgettable adventure waiting to be had, and we’re ready to help you discover it and make the most of it.

the pack leaders

The backbone of our Alcott team is a group of thrill seeking, trail walking, globetrotting dog lovers. Like you, we know the difference even a little adventure can make in a dog’s life. And as devoted, slightly obsessed dog owners, we know that having a furry friend by your side makes any experience a million times better. 

alison // brand manager + product developer

Alison is Alcott's brand manager, self-proclaimed in-house comedian and master doodler. When she's not thinking up the next great adventure item, she's giving a creative boost to our website, social profiles, packaging and marketing pieces. 

Besides her two rescue dogs, Typo and Murphy, Alison' second great love is all things penguin... or wait, maybe that's chocolate. Either way, Alison is the brains of the operation around the Alcott basecamp and we wouldn't have it any other way. 

And she recently began a new adventure... motherhood! 

aimee // customer advocate + support

Armed with knowledge of all things alcott, Aimee can help anyone with just about anything. Want to know where your order is? No problem. Wondering what size boots to get your Labradoodle? She's got you covered! And most importantly, she won't talk at you... she'll talk with you and really listen to your needs, concerns and questions.

And when she's not handling incoming inquiries from alcott customers, you can find her spending time with her family or out on a lake rowing.

steve // photographer + graphics generator

We're not quite sure where Steve came from, but we're convinced it's a distant planet called Adobe. He only speaks a few words that the rest of us non-graphicky people can actually understand. When he's not confusing us with his tech-speak, he's busy blowing our minds with his Photoshop and Illustrator skills. He can take Alison's crazy doodles and turn them into beautiful photos and graphics that help us promote the alcott brand and products to all of you.

the pack

But enough about us. It’s time for you to meet the most important, hands-down cutest, members of our team: our four-legged sidekicks who inspired our brand and our gear. This furry team is comprised of three rescued mutts and one soon-to-be-enormous Greater Swiss Mountain Dog. We wanted to spend more time with these adventurous domesticated beasts, so we needed the right gear to make it fun, safe, easy and convenient for both of us.  We reward them for their product testing and modeling with plenty of butt scratches, belly rubs and treats. Without them our gear wouldn't be as road tested or pup approved!

We've also lost a few of our best friends along this incredible journey, but they continue to live on in our hearts and even on our packaging! And even though we would rather have them here with us, it's always a treat to see them around the office. 

for media

Dog-loving media can be part of the adventure, too. Be sure to check out our newsroom with our latest press + promotional materials. You can also find some of our brand graphics here, but don't hesitate to contact us if you need anything else or have a specific request.