Meet Our Tailblazers

like you, we like to try to things and explore new horizons. and also like you, we depend on our more experienced friends to help guide us along new adventures. so we've recruited a tail blazing group of brand ambassadors! follow along with their adventures through instagram and on their websites. they provide helpful product reviews for both you and your pets, along with insights into how you can best prepare for your upcoming adventures with your thrill sniffer.


bolt, keel + kayleen

Kayleen found Bolt + Keel as abandoned kittens behind the garbage can in a local park. The shelter wasn't open, so they took the kittens along on their backpacking trip the following day - and couldn't give them up afterward. Bolt + Keel hike, camp, kayak, snowshoe, and sail! If you ever thought only dogs could go on adventures... these two are proof that even felines can be fearless adventurers!

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goose + kerri

Kerri, her main man Goose, and her two other dogs Dante + Sheba explore the Arizona desert, camp, paddleboard, and find the best sunsets!

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lexus + crystal

this canadian canine and her mom love to go hiking and camping! as true tailblazers, this pair has a hard time staying still for too long. be sure to follow along with their adventures because you don't want to miss the amazing photos they share!

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lotus + jace + giddi

Jace, Giddi + their Alaskan Klee Kai, Lotus, traded in their normal home for one with wheels and it's a beautifully converted Sprinter van! They're currently traveling north on a year-long roundtrip to Alaska, visiting landmarks, canyoneering, paddleboarding, and hiking along the way. Ever wished you could quit your job and travel the world? Live vicariously through this little family's adventures. 

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robin + katherine

Our first ambassador, Robin + Katherine got the program started with their adventures in the Los Angeles mountains! Robin is on a mission to prove that small dogs can do everything big dogs can - hike, camp, paddleboard, kayak - and fly through the air while doing it! Thought small dogs belonged on laps? Follow these two on their peakbagging adventures.

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would you and your tail blazer like to become a brand ambassador?

please follow along with our instagram account @alcottgear. each year, we recruit a new batch of adventure enthusiasts to represent our brand online and on the trails. we announce our search for new ambassadors via photo contests on instagram. stay tuned to our posts for specific instructions!