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summer safety tips

June is National Safety Month so it’s a good time to think about how you can keep your favorite four-legged friend safe and happy this summer season as well. 

Consider these safety tips as you and your buddy venture into the great outdoors for your warm weather adventure.

STAY VISIBLE. Summer means being outside more, even after dark, so it’s important that your dog is highly visible. Wearing reflective materials like the Alcott Visibility Adventure Collar, Visibility Vest or Bandana will keep him/her shining bright on the darkest nights, and using a Visibility Leash offers even more protection.

STAY SAFE FROM TICKS & OTHER PESTS. You and your dog aren’t the only things more active in warmer weather. As PetMD reports, summertime pests that can carry diseases such as ticks can pose a health risk to both you and your dog so it’s wise to have a proactive strategy to keep them at bay. The Humane Society advises that you discuss preventive treatment options with your vet since some flea and tick treatment products can be potentially harmful to certain pets. Also be careful about where your dog swims or drinks since parasites like flatworms can be picked up in certain bodies of water.

STAY HYDRATED. Dogs need lots of water and frequent rest on those ambitious romps in the sun, especially larger breeds or those with heavy coats. Carry plenty of water to keep your dog properly hydrated along with a portable dish like the Alcott Adventure Bowl so you won’t waste a drop. Your hearty hiker can even carry his/her own water and other supplies in the Alcott Adventure Backpack!

STAY PREPARED. What makes dogs so special also can put them in harm’s way at times, so it’s best to be prepared. The Alcott First-Aid Kit has helpful medical supplies to treat minor injuries, cuts, bites and stings for both you and pup, and it’s small enough for your backpack.

With a little preparation and a lot of love, you and your dog will have a fun summer full of great adventures!


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